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Shuddhi Organic Milk Cow Milk is wholesome & full of natural goodness. Due to highest possible production standards, it has multiple benefits over your current packet milk :
  • Higher Nutritional Value. (Omega 3, CLA, PUFA and Vitamin E).
  • Untouched by Human Hands. Cows are milked using Automatic Bio- Secure Parlour ensuring zero human contact.
  • No Artificial Growth Hormones. Our cows are never injected with hormones to boost milk yield.
  • No Antibiotics or Steroids. When the cows fall sick, they are quarantined.
  • No Pesticides. We grow our own cattle feed across 80 acres of land, ensuring the milk we produce is 100% toxin free.
  • No Milk Powder Added. Unlike packet milk we do not add milk powder to standardize our milk.
The breed which we used is Holstein Friesian.
Homogenization is the process of breaking the fat molecules of the milk. So that it doesn’t get separate in layer and get mixed uniformly in milk.
Milking capacity differs from cow to cow, ranges from 16 liters to 30 liters in a day.
Glass bottles are generally returned and re used for packaging of milk, thereby ensuring no guarantee of hygienic cleaning after use. It may get contaminated by washing liquid or the quality of water.
Our In-line Pasteurization process makes milk safe to drink right out of the bottle without compromising on freshness and nutritional value. So just – Open, Pour & Enjoy!

Our Milk

Shuddhi Organic Milk maintains the highest standards of hygiene and quality control. Our Superior quality milk is bottled in PET bottles which are best recommended for food packaging. Shuddhi is instantly pasteurized, chilled to a temperature of 4℃ and delivered to your doorstep in a process that is completely mechanized. thus maintaining absolute purity and keeping the taste and structure of the milk intact. It is everything that milk should be !

No direct contact with human hands

Milking of cows in Shuddhi Organic Milk is fully automated. Milking is done using automatic Bio-Secure Parlour, ensuring zero human touch from grass to glass.

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Antibiotic free quality product

Shuddhi Organic Milk delivers the quality product, free from antibiotics. No antibiotics are being given to cows in any situation.

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No use of steroids or growth hormones

Shuddhi Organic Milk is void of artificial growth hormones & usage of steroids , thereby ensuring the milk your family drinks is Pure, Nutritious & Wholesome Everyday!

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No pesticides or chemical treatment on fodder

The quality of milk is determined by the food given to cow. Our cows are fed with a balanced ratio assimilating all requisite nutrients (energy, proteins, minerals and vitamins) in right quantity.

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Complete automation in milking and packaging method

The complete automated milk processing line is maintained by Shuddhi Organic Milk. From milking to pasteurization, homogenization and packaging, automatic machines are used.

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Pasteurization and Homogenization

The pasteurization involves the destruction of harmful bacteria by instant heating and chilling of milk. Homogenization is the process of breaking fat molecules, thereby mixing it uniformly in milk.

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Quality product without toxins

Shuddhi Organic Milk delivers quality product without toxins. Toxins are naturally occurring poisons. These toxins are created by animals sometimes which cause harmful effects.

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Cold chain maintained till the last leg of delivery:

To ensure best quality and taste, Milk is delivered to your home under a cold chain within 8 hrs of milking. Refrigerated tanks are used to maintain the optimal temperature.

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Temper proof PET bottles that can be recycled

The bottles which are used by us are PET bottles which can be recycled. These food grade bottles can be thrown away after use.

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100% Adulteration free

Milk comes from our own dairy farm and is not collected from unknown sources, ensuring 100% purity and adulteration free milk.

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Antibiotic free
Toxin free
Low bacterial count
Systematic monitoring of each cow
Supreme animal comfort
Milk untouched by human hand